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17175 Bodega Hwy #4
Bodega, CA, 94923
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hand ∙ made is a collaborative space for arts & natural materials.  hand ∙ made strives to support the diverse interests of artists, agriculturalists, teachers, innovators, and naturalists.  The studio serves as a space for teaching, learning, community gatherings, and is the outlet for Full Circle Wool.  We are located in West Sonoma County, California.

Wool Pillow

Full Circle Wool

Full Circle Wool connects designers with mindfully farmed, regenerative wool products, sourced directly from local producers implementing carbon farming practices for carbon sequestration.  Full Circle Wool is based at hand made studio, in Bodega, CA.

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Wool Pillow

pillow and comforter.jpg
pillow and comforter.jpg

Wool Pillow


Wool pillows are a delightful thing.  Warm and temperature - regulating, naturally - antimicrobial and fungal, wool pillows can help you get the healthiest night's sleep.  No night sweats or allergy reactions, wool is the ultimate sustainable bedding option.  Wrapped in a cover of organic cotton and sewn by hand by veteran Sonoma local seamstress, Bonnie Reardon.  Washing directions: Using a pillowcase is recommended.  The pillows are designed to be able to take the wool batting out in order to wash the cover in a machine or by hand, and let the wool batting air in the sun.  This opening also allows you to adjust the thickness of the pillow, if you prefer a thinner or a thicker pillow.  Available in natural cream color, undyed.

Support soil - to - soil living by surrounding yourself with clean, natural, sustainable wool.  Push back against the oil economy by supporting Climate Beneficial wool and CBW Transitional -- a project to source wool from farmers implementing carbon farming practices.  


Our wool is naturally:

  • antimicrobial & antifungal
  • moisture wicking & temperature - regulating (no night sweats!) 
  • flame retardant
  • free of chemicals: no dyes, no carbonizing, no bleaching

What is carbon farming?

A suite of farming practices designed to pull more CO2 out of the atmosphere and sequester it into the ground (where it belongs), reversing climate change and stewarding landscapes.

 Local: sourced from Stemple Creek Ranch and Jensen Ranch, in Tomales, CA.  This wool comes from well-tended sheep raised in Northern CA, benefiting the landscape, climate, and economy.  You can find out more about the ranchers, Loren & Jim, and their animals online and on Instagram:  


Jensen Ranch 



Healthy: its just wool, washed and carded with the most minimal processing possible. No chlorine, no sulfuric acid, no resins, no dyes.  There are some trace bits of hay/plant matter. 

They won’t bother you a bit.

Humane:  Shearing is a necessary part of annual healthcare for sheep.  Loren and Jim's sheep are shorn in late spring in order to give the sheep protection from the rains in the spring, and freedom from the heat in the summer.  Shearing does not hurt the sheep, and is done by local rancher Chris Cornett, an experienced and award-winning sheep shearer.

 Cycle:  For every dollar spent, 30 cents goes to fund carbon farming plans for more Fibershed members, thereby continuing efforts to grow carbon farming practices and develop demand for regenerative grazing & products that support a healthy environment!

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